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About Erin Trowbridge


​Mrs. Trowbridge

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Dear Parents and Students,

I am very excited about a new school year with you!  

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor in Elementary Education. I am also certified in Early Childhood Education. I have taught 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.

 In my family, I am outnumbered by boys! I am the only girl. Then there is Patrick, my husband. Then our boys- Cole, Garrin, and Talan who is a 4th grader like some of you. During the year you will probably see and hear a lot about them. They will also hear a lot about you and all the fun we have in class!



4th Grade

During this year you will be learning about the states and regions of the United States of America. We will learn where they are located, the capital, about the economy, the environment, and many other exciting things!

5th Grade

The 5th graders will be learning a lot about history such as early explorers, the 13 Colonies, the Revolutionary War, Westward expansion, and how our government works. Doesn’t that sound so exciting!!

Both grades will do various projects throughout the year. I will help them at school, but due to time restraints some work may have to be completed at home.

Important Announcement

In my classroom, I expect all students to be on their best behavior. If a student breaks the rules, he/she will be put in detention.

I expect students to treat everyone with respect at all times. Bullying will not be tolerated!

Homework should be turned in on time. If it is not, student will not receive full credit.

I do not do extra credit.

Tests are taken at the end of each chapter.

The completion of daily assignments are very important to be successful in this class.

Graded work is sent home as it is graded. Students should keep it in their binder.






Erin Trowbridge

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