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Dear Parents, Teachers, School Board Members, and Community Members:

“College & Career Readiness Assessment Community

Stakeholder Consultation”


                                In compliance with Section 1111(b)(2)(H) of ESSA, Talihina High School would like to provide community stakeholders with an opportunity to provide meaningful input regarding our district’s intent to request your permission to administer the ACT in lieu of the statewide assessment. We have been given a choice of giving the ACT or SAT as the end of year Oklahoma College and Career Readiness test. If you live in our school district, we are required to notify you of our decision and why. We have decided to use the National ACT as our district selection for the College & Career Readiness Assessment to be administered to all grade 11 students during the OSTP testing window in the spring. This ACT will also be used to fulfill their graduation requirements as the end of year testing since our students have taken this test for decades and are familiar with it.  

Please fill free to give us any feedback you have regarding this selection. We decided on the ACT because it is a National recognized and acceptable college entrance test. Also, if you are a parent of a junior this year we are required to request your permission to give a non-test survey questions prior to the ACT test. Your student will soon bring the form home. Return the form as soon as possible.



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