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Study Island


Reading and Spelling Tests will both be on Thursday!!

LAST Spelling List "TEST May 14th"

Reading Story Selection  "The Aztec News" and "Where Opportunity Awaits""


1. memorize

2. advertise

3. service

4. realize

5. justice

6. exercise

7. recognize

8. organize

9. civilize

10. apprentice

11. supervise

12. sacrifice

13. sympathize

14. enterprise

15. minimize

16. cowardice

17. improvise

18. paradise

19. vocalize

20. compromise

**.The Greek word part hydro means "water", onym means "name", arch means "primitive" or "ancient" , chronos means "time, and crat means "rule"."

Read Every Night!!!!!! ( 30 mins.each night)





The test will be on Computer (Around 2 Hours NO Breaks)

The test will have 55 questions

We will be working on preparing for the state tests by reviewing Reading Skills

* Vocabulay

*Words in Context

*Word Origins

Comprehension/Critical Literacy

*Literal Understanding

* Inferences and Interpretation

* Summary and Generalization

*Analysis and Evaluation


*Literary Genres

* Literary Elements

* Figurative Language

Research and Information

* Accessing Information

* Interpreting Information

If you have internet at home a good practice site is

Study Island!!!!




Students Need to read and pass 25 library books.


Reading is the KEY to ALL learning!!

Read to succeed!!!















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