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Daily Schedule

2/22/16 Monday: Notes and examples of Genres in Literature. Cover 5 major types of Genres and include sub-genres.Discuss Universal Themes, Conflicts, Archatypal symbols, Types of characters.  Focus on Allegory and use Aesop’s fable “Tortois and the Hare” as an example. 

2/23/16 Tuesday: Discuss analogies and the purpose of an author to use them in literature. Use simile “Life is like a quilt” and extend it into an analogy. Break students into pairs and have those students write analogies based on the provided model.

2/24/16: Wednesday: Share analogies with the class. Be sure to explain the correlation between the two items being compared.

2/25/16: Thursday: Read Short Story “Abalone, Abalone, Abalone”. Discuss symbolism, setting, plot line, conflict, theme-moral.

2/29/16:  Monday: Break into small groups and read one of the following stories:

                              1. Miriam

                              2. Lennigan vs. the Ants

                              3. By the Waters of Babylon

3/1/16:  Tuesday: Analyse your story and prepare a presentation (not to exceed 10 minutes) that discusses character types, plot, conflict, themes.

3/2/16   Wednesday: Continue working on presentations.

3/3/16   Thursday:  Present Presentations by group for 9-weeks Test. 

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