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Athletic Pass Policy

August 2, 2011 
Community & Constituents of Talihina Public School, 
I want to thank our community for all the support they give our students involving academics, activities and athletics. Your continued support for our entire student body will play an indelible role in their future success. 
This notification is primarily to inform the public of a policy change concerning athletic passes at Talihina School. At the Board Meeting on August 1 st, the following policy was put into place with two separate forms of passes: 
Lifetime Pass: Anyone 55 years of age or older can get a lifetime pass free of charge by coming to the Superintendent's office with their Drivers' License or other proof of age. Also, lifetime passes will be made available through Talihina and Choctaw Senior Citizen Centers and the Veteran's Center. Individuals will not be required to get new passes each year. 
Season Pass: Anyone under 55 years of age will be able to purchase a season pass through the Superintendent's Office under these guidelines- 
A) $100 per Individual:: Students in school, not attending Talihina Public Schools 
B) $50 per Individual:: Any adult (out ofHS) not of age to receive a Lifetime Pass 
C) $20 per Individual:: Any student attending Talihina Public School 
These passes will get card holders only into any athletic event hosted by Talihina School with the exception of OSSA A Playoff games. 
Jason Lockhart 
Talihina Supt. of Schools