Educational Websites
Student Interactives

Try one of the many activities on the site. Educational links for Kindergarten, First and Second Grade.

Student Interactives

This site contains many activities from several subjects. Intended for grades Third through Sixth.

Math Baseball

Practice math facts. Choose addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, choose your level and play ball.


Reading Activities for grades Kindergarten through Second.

Literacy Center

Kindergarten level activities covering numbers, letters, shapes and more.

Digger and the Gang

Help Digger and his friends in math, english and science.

Geography quizzes

Practice states and capitals or countries of the world.

Where is that?

Short geography practice activities. Different difficulty levels and parts of the world.

50 States

Great site with tons of information about each state.

Try the Spelling Bee on this site.

Rats! Parts of Speech.

Practice the different parts of speech.

BBC Schools

Activities and interactives for elementary students.

Who is that?

Get to know the past Presidents with this game.

Funbrain Playground

Several short games designed to teach mouse coordination.


Several science interactives. From simple machines to surgery.

AAA Math

This site contains math activities for elementary and junior high levels.

Wacky Web Tales

Practice the parts of speech while creating silly stories.

Read Write Think

A site with many tools to help develop creativity and literacy.

Find the Technology

Locate the different pieces of computer equipment in the picture.

Nobel Prize Games

A handful of games inspired by Nobel Prize-awarded achievements.

How Stuff Works

This site has tons of information and answers lots of common questions.

San Diego Zoo: Live Panda Cam

The Giant Panda Research Station at the San Diego Zoo provides a look into the lives of pandas housed in their zoo.

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